When you’re coordinating a fundraising event, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters: funding your meaningful cause. Strategic Charity Auctions never loses sight of this ultimate goal. That’s why we’ll facilitate and coordinate a successful special cash appeal, AKA; the “Fund-A-Need” campaign for your Non-profit. We’ll help get the donations you need. Method options include the highly effective traditional “raise of the paddle” pledge or yet another option for making donations upon your smartphone or remotely through our simulcast platform or the combination of all methods if preferred. Many supporters want to be recognized for their donations while others wish to donate anonymously.

While all types of donation totals may be displayed instantly on our tally board, those attendees who wish to donate anonymously can take advantage of the anonymous checkbox on their smartphone to omit their names being associated with their Fund-A-Need cash sponsorship when displayed on the tally board.

Our tally board feature has proven to be a very motivational component of our system. Your attendees can watch the totals go higher and higher in real time as they give! The visual aid incites attendees to donate generously when the see the total tally up.

Next, leave the processing to us. Every pledge, which is 100% tax deductible, is accepted and invoiced to your attendees’ bidder account which is viewable upon your attendees device in real time the second any transaction occurs. We’re dedicated to helping you fund your charity, and facilitate pledges so they can all be counted.