Each participant, (which may be consist of more than one person; i.e. spouses etc.), will be assigned an account which is managed by our mobile bidding platform and viewed upon the participants’ smartphone displaying all transactions resulted from winning silent or live auction items, cash sponsorship donations, onsite registration or raffle ticket purchases. All transactions by any method will be recorded on our mobile phone platform and will display the total amount purchased on the participants’ phone instantly in real time. When spouses or multiple persons share an account all devices will report the account total at the same time. Spouses or similar parties are encouraged to share an account so that they may avoid unknowingly bidding against each other. Checkout is easy; attendees may self checkout using a credit card or ask a staff member for assistance or to pay by check or cash. When you wish to pick up your purchases simply mention your name or bidder number and your paid status will be reflected upon the staff’ smart device whom will cheerfully assist you in acquiring your purchases. Receipts for your event will be emailed to you at the address that furnished at check-in or registration. Paper receipts may be obtained from the staff administrator upon request.

Credit cards are processed either on attendees’ devices or ours, as per client request.

Leave the details to us, so you can focus on your fundraiser! With our strategic partnerships, we’re able to process payments quickly and easily, using a secure PCI compliant processing system. We arrange for pre-event credit card account collection by swipe or attendee self check-in (which is simple and easy for guests). Gone are the days of credit card declination when credit card information is collected pre-event; credit cards are validated in seconds with our mobile bidding platform. Post-pay options are also an option is so desired. If desired, we can also promote the donation of the actual credit card processing fees on an opt-in basis. This has proven to be well received by event attendees and lowers will lower your charity’s effective credit card processing costs.

We have the tools to make your event check out and payment processing much easier. Attendees may check themselves out when ready or be assisted by one of our staff. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that all the details are taken care of, and your fundraising committee will be able to relax and enjoy the event, too! Check and cash payments are also easily transacted with the assistance of any of our staff members.