Technology / Virtual Live Galas

Strategic Charity Auction’s founders and principals are career auctioneers offering a full range of professional Auction Services, we offer high tech solutions that will take your next event to a higher level. We feature our mobile bidding platform which is the most advanced software in the charity auction industry to make your fundraising auction run smoothly and seamlessly! We can support and assist in the administration of an onsite venue event or a completely online silent auction and/ or a streaming simulcast Live Auction, (also known as “Virtual Live Gala)” that attendees can participate from anywhere there is an internet connection featuring our Professional Charity Auctioneers.

Traditional Onsite Gala At Your Venue

When you choose a traditional gala where hundreds of attendees assemble at your selected venue, before the start of that event, your guests can simply check in either on their smart phone or at our assisted check in area, receive their bidder number and table assignment on their phone and be on their way to a fun filled evening. Throughout the event, we announce each segment of the fundraiser event agenda to keep your guests engaged. During your silent auction we will announce a countdown reminder to the close of the silent auction which coincides with the count down timer displayed upon the video monitor within the function facility. Winning bidders will be aware of the items that they have won instantly upon their phones. Ask about our leader board option which tracks the auction progress in real time.

During the live auction event, all winning bidders’ purchases will be viewable on the attendees’ devices at the moment of the win making it easy for your guests to know what they have spent in real time. Paddle raise “Fund-a-Need,” other cash donations and all other transactions are entered into the system and reflect on the guests’ phones as they occur.

Not quite ready for full mobile capabilities? That’s okay, our software can be configured to accommodate many hybrid solutions that combine many of the old ways with the new. We are pleased to discuss these options and explore which might best serve your guests. Just ask!

Why Choose An Online Only Virtual Charity Auction

These days many charitable nonprofit organizations are researching alternate ways to host a successful fundraising event without assembling hundreds of people in any given venue. It may be not so important how we gather as long as we do indeed gather as so be it online . Online virtual charity auctions may be preferred for a number of reasons to include health concerns, i.e. flu outbreak, weather concerns, i.e. hurricane warning , heat wave or blizzard  warning. In the case of unforeseen circumstances some nonprofits opt to move a scheduled live event to an online event rather than cancel or postpone that live event. Another line of thinking is to implement a virtual online charity auction as a second fundraiser at a point halfway through the year following a charitable organization’s  annual gala. This may keep their supporters engaged with the organization and of course raises additional funds.

Types of Online Virtual Live Galas / Online Charity Auctions

Online Silent Charity Auction: Attendees are invited to join the event by the usual methods. Strategic Charity Auctions provides an event homepage specific to the charitable organization’s event for registration and login credentials. An optional donation link may be added if a supporter wishes to donate in addition or in lieu to participating in the online event. The duration of the event is determined by the organization. The event, while in progress may be promoted by SCA staff via mass text messaging if desired.

VLG AKAVirtual Live Gala“: Strategic Charity Auctions has the technology to simulcast our Professional Live Auctioneers from a studio and accept competitive real time bids from your supporters who will be aware of their position at all times through their bidding applet. Sound like fun? It is! Strategic Charity Auctions can include nearly every component typical of a Live Gala into an online Virtual Live Gala including; the Silent Online Auction , the Live Auction, the Cash Donation Appeal also known as the  Fund-A-Need which can also be promoted within the simulcast in real time if desired. Virtual raffle tickets or 50/50 drawing, yes that can all be done on line too, the computer selects the winner who is then notified by text message, (subject to state law).

Winning Bidders Item Pickup Strategies: Strategic Charity Auctions can assist in online appointment scheduling for our clientele so that all winners will not be arriving without notice at the designated pickup point. Ask how! Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your unique needs. Click this link to contact us to learn more about Virtual Live Galas. Visit our blog for even more info.