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Proper planning is key to successful fundraising events. Small details are very important and make a BIG difference in the results of a charity benefit auction. Setting your event agenda correctly is at the heart of how to run an auction fundraiser.

When should I hold my fundraiser? What day of the week, is best for my cause? Where would be the best event venue for my charity fundraiser? …. And why? How do we avoid having those painful long lines at check in and check out? Should we utilize online registration mobile bidding and other technology? What is a Virtual Live Gala or Onsite & Online Hybrid Event?

Knowledge is power. Put our experience to work for you and get powerful results! No two events are the same and there are a lot details to think about… SCA’s clients enjoy the benefit of our pre-event consultation service. We are pleased to share our charity auction ideas and strategies derived from our experience.

When the date, location and venue for your benefit auction fundraiser have been selected, it’s time to get down to business! The goal of your charity fundraiser is to Raise Funds and there are many ways to bring in revenues during your event.

Your charity auction consultant will help you understand how to run a charity auction fundraiser and will discuss charity auction ideas to increase your fundraising event income. From pre-event credit card info collection, to charity auction check out, we consult with you on the topics you need to know.

Some of the likely revenue centers for your event are: Event Admission, Sponsorships, Live Auction, Fund A Need appeal, Silent Auction, and Online Mobile Bidding Silent Auction Other revenue centers can be a charity wine pull a game of heads or tails or other type raffles, (available only in specific states due to law), and other great ideas we can discuss. We have partnerships with a number of experience providers. If your organization is considering high quality experiences consignment packages we can refer you to one or more of our partners.

With professional charity auction advice, we’ll help your non-profit organization with finding great auction donations, setting the event agenda, streamlining check in and check/ out, maximizing on-line silent auction revenues and getting the most out of their live auction and special appeal “fund a need”.

We offer a template on how to write a donation request letter sample and how to write a thank you letter for donations. Our charity auction ideas and knowledge can assist you with fine details like charity auction bid paddles, benefit fundraiser ideas, event agenda planning and more.


Holding a silent auction charity fundraiser is a core component in raising funds for nonprofits. When you start planning to run a silent auction, we suggest looking at a range of silent auction ideas to best understand how your silent auction charity fundraising event can be most appealing and yield the best return.

The process is simple; in short your auction committee solicits donations and sells them at a silent auction charity fundraiser with the proceeds benefiting your nonprofit organization. If you need in kind item, consignment item or gift card item ideas or procurement stategies contact us, we can help! Many factors must be considered in planning to run a silent auction. Credit card processing, the donation of CC processing fees, silent auction guidelines, methods of item display, winner item fulfillment arrangements, charity auction table assignments and silent auction fundraiser event schedule are among those details.

Hiring a professional charity auction consultant is a great way to learn about charity event fundraising, donations at charity auctions and silent auction ideas. It’s important to think about looking for the best charity auction management system to organize your event information and provide mobile bidding auction services. Our full service charity auction services include professional auction staffing.

Since the pandemic, silent auctions are mostly being held utilizing mobile bidding auction services. The data is indicating that utilizing mobile bidding platforms that silent auction revenues have increased by 25%-35% beacuse the attendees stay engaged. Mobile bidding charity auctions offer event pre-bidding, self-check in / self-checkout, and bidding competition from supporters who could not attend in person. Buyers can set maximum bids, there is no crowding around a piece of paper at the end of the silent auction and payments are automatically made online with the attendees credit card.


Immediately at the conclusion of your charity fundraising event, SCA will generate a post event report detailing the total charity event proceeds by category (i.e., live auction, silent auction, raffle proceeds, cash donations and sponsorships, wine pulls, and whatever else that may have occurred at your charity function). In the following 24-48 hours SCA will email many more detailed reports including attendee reports, ticket sales, individual attendee invoices, credit card processing fees, credit card fee attendee donations, credit cards settled with processor, and more.

These reports will be comprehensive and valuable data in your charity organization understanding what parts of your event may have been most beneficial and will assist in planning for your next charity event fundraiser.

Contact SCA to find out how we can help your organization raise more money at your charity fundraising auction event.