Attendee pre-event registration and/or selling tickets before your charity auction fundraising event can be a most important part of its overall success.

A dedicated landing page integrated with your event software platform can be used for donor attendee registration or ticket sales that allows for payment by credit card or other any other convenient method is a great way to make things easier for your attendees. This landing page, provided for all clients, will also accept donations and sponsorships for your event as well as to provide an auction item preview and other event information.

Collecting attendee data before the event will expedite guest check-in and avoid guests waiting in lines. More and more of our clients are requesting credit card data be collected before any bidding or any other transaction can be implemented.

Third-party event ticketing services cannot store credit card information as they are not tied to the organizations’ bank accounts through a PCI-compliant gateway. This may add an additional step before your donor attendees can participate in your event causing the need for additional staffing in order to avoid the potential for a waiting line at the venue arrival.

The only way to save the credit card information used for registration transactions for future use is to have these registrations processed by the platform that will be used to host your event. Most mobile bidding software platforms feature an enhanced pre-event ticket sale or registration option. This feature can manage single ticket sales, sponsored table ticket sales, discount codes, meal selections, guest seating preferences, and table assignments, (if desired).

Whether you are planning on hosting 250 or 2500 attendees, we are happy to discuss the pre-registration process that best suits your event’s needs. Interested?  Ask for a demo!