Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer services separately or are you exclusively a full service agency?

Although many clients utilize our full service package, our services are available on an individual, “a la carte” basis. We provide only the services that you require.


Does your firm support only auction events or provide other type event services?

We at SCA are auction specialists, however, we do support events that do not have an auction component at all. Some organizations hire us to manage the ticketing and greet guests upon arrival checking them into the event. A few examples  are social events that might include presentations, an award ceremony, and a special appeal for donation pledges.

Another non-auction event that we assist with is a live streaming “webathon”  where the run-of-show might include music or other entertainment, guest speakers, or other presenters. Typically a “message ticker” runs in the lower third of the video display with instructions for donors to make monetary pledges on their devices. The production periodically transitions to the command or “call” center which is hosted by emcees and features a visual tally of pledge dollars collected in real-time.  Unlike telethons of years past, webathons are broadcast on the internet and are of a shorter duration.


What is Livestreaming?

Livestreaming is a real-time internet broadcast of your event, also sometimes referred to as a simulcast.  Audio and video devices are set up at the venue as well as desired remote locations to support the stream. Guests can view and hear the event on their devices from any location. Attendees at any venue can enjoy two-way communication with remote guest speakers. Livestreaming brings attendees to your event from anywhere to participate in a live auction or Fund-A-Need special appeal with the tick of a button. Livestreaming can support several venues simultaneously.


Why has your firm discontinued using paper silent auction bid sheets?

Since the pandemic, we have learned that mobile bidding provides many advantages over paper bid sheets. No more crowding around tables or returning to monitor if you are winning or outbid. People not attending in person may still participate from home if your organization desires. When the silent auction concludes no one can place an illegitimate late bid and you will know instantly what you have won right upon your device! Historical data is reporting that revenues are ranging between 25%-40% higher than paper auctions as the donors are continuously engaged in the bidding.


A well known TV personality has offered to conduct our live auction for free. Won’t this save us the cost of hiring a professional charity auctioneer?

Although celebrities and TV personalities are experienced public speakers, they are not trained and experienced in properly conducting fundraising auctions. Skilled charity auction professionals know the subtle nuances of human behavior and crowd dynamics. A trained and experienced fundraising auctioneer will get the highest bids possible and will easily return multiples of your investment.

Celebrities can however add to your event by performing emcee duties if you so desire.  Our auctioneers are happy to work with celebrities in this capacity.


We’ve never hired a professional auctioneer and are concerned about the cost. Can we afford to hire a professional?

You can’t afford to leave one of your biggest revenue sources in the hands of an amateur. A professional charity auctioneer can yield hefty returns. With expert pre-event consultation, a fundraising auction professional provides expert guidance that pays dividends long before they pick up a microphone. Experienced charity auction professionals are “money in the bank”. Hiring our firm can be viewed as an investment rather than an expenditure.



I’m worried about getting quality items to sell in our live and silent auction. Can your firm provide assistance with procuring items for our event?

Strategic Charity Auctions offers consulting services and consignment items for your event. Nonprofits are often surprised by the high quality donations that are available from willing donors. With planning and professional guidance, nonprofits can secure great items. Many great donations can come from properly approaching your network of contacts.

Ask us about our “in kind item donation ideas” white paper.


Benefit auctions sound like a great way to raise money. How can we get some more information about a benefit auction or benefit auctioneer?

Strategic Charity Auctions is service-oriented and easy to talk to. For an informative, no hassle consultation call 754-244-3689. email: info@StrategicCharityAuctions.com. We serve New England, Florida and many other states.


I would like to take advantage of self check out on my smart phone. Can I get a paper receipt?

Receipts for all transactions are emailed to our attendees by default. We are all digital and paper receipts are not available on site, you may however print one yourself from your email message.


What do you charge for your services?

Each event is different as are each client’s needs. Typically our services billed at a fixed flat fee. Visit our pricing page. Call us to discuss your needs 754-244-3689.


I am not confident and am unsure if I will be able to check myself into one of your events on my mobile device, may I be assisted?

Absolutely, our staff members are always available to offer assistance with any mobile function.


Do I have to download an application to my device to participate?

No not at all, our platform is completely web driven. You only need to click on a link and your browser will take you right into the online event. The link may be acquired in several ways, by incoming or outgoing text message, by email, by the event website or simply scanning a QR code displayed at the function facility.


I would like to attend a fundraising event where your mobile platform is being used but I do not have a mobile device, what do I do?

No device, no problem any of our staff members can check you in, place bids or accept a donation on your behalf and check you out.


How will I know if I am a winning bidder?

When an attendee logs into the mobile application they can view their bidding activity on their device. During the event they can return to an item to increase bids by clicking the item. Once the silent auction items have closed, your winning bids are shown on your device. SCA will send text messages directly to winners with instructions on how and where to checkout.


Besides constantly checking my device will I also be notified if I am outbid?

Yes, we will send text messages and email messages to alert to an attendee who isn’t currently looking at their phone. This message will contain a link that will take the bidder directly back to the screen of the item on which they were outbid. The attendee can also stay on top of the action by using their device to see their winning bids, items where they are outbid, and their favorite “watched” items.


What is maximum mobile bidding?

Maximum bidding is a feature that lets an attendee “set it and forget it.” Their maximum bid is administered by proxy incrementally in competition with other bidders. This means that the system will only bid the next required increment to keep you in the lead up to your maximum bid. If your maximum amount is outbid, you will still receive a courtesy outbid text and email notice.


Is it possible to make a cash donation upon the mobile platform?

There are several ways to donate to your charity which will vary with each event and is dependent upon the organizations requirements. Some events will elect a “raise of the paddle” fund a need segment and/or a “text to give” feature. In every instance there will be a donate button on your mobile device so that you may enter any donation directly and as always our staff will be pleased to accept your generous donation in person and add it to your invoice.


Can I register in advance of the event or on site only?

We encourage our clients to utilize our internet event preview page where information about the event may be viewed as well as pre-registration and online ticket sales can be managed. Check our website or your organizations marketing to see if they have elected to use our event preview and registration feature.



I am concerned with paying with my credit card on your system. How can I know it is secure?

All our platform pages use the latest 256-bit secure encryption technology. All credit card information is encrypted and stored via a PCI-compliant partner processor connected directly to our NPO clients’ accounts. No credit card data is ever stored on our servers.


Do I have to pay with a credit card or may I settle with cash or a check?

Our staff will cheerfully accept your cash or check payments and flag your mobile account as paid so that you may claim your items. We can also update credit card information if you wish to change one out or split an invoice to accommodate multiple payment types.