Current projects, videos and references for Susie Ellis:

Examples of recent and upcoming client event projects:  (Save the Harbor Save The Bay,  Boston 10-14-21) (Home Aid Orlando Orlando 11-6-21) (Christopher Cantanse Children’s Fund, Norwood 11-27-27


Here are a few video examples of me in action:


These links were at a hybrid live streaming event in Cleveland on 9-13-21 (your event will not be televised, (this year) but you can get an idea of how I present from these clips).

Here are a couple of links of me live in Orlando on Nov 6.



Boston References:

A) Chris Mancini, Executive director, www.SaveTheHarbor.Org

617-451-2860 x 1009

I supported this org for the last 3 years, we are in discussion for another event in May or June 2022


B) Linda Benedictus, Director , Christopher Catanese Children’s Fund Norwood MA

Tom has worked with this group for several years. This year Tom referred them to me as they are going digital with my consulting. Linda is excited and thrilled.



I selected these two referrals because they are current projects in your area. Please feel free to contact them if you wish. If you would like to go forward please contact me right away due to the short timeline. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Stephen D. Paulin, Sr
Auctioneer / Broker / Fundraising Specialist