– Chris Mancini
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

When we decided to go mobile for our annual charity auction, Strategic Charity Auctions came through in a big way. They made the entire process incredibly easy, and were very patient as our staff became acuainted with the system. Just as they promised, the platform was easy to use, had a great interface, looked fantastic, and required no app downloads or other commitments from our users. Plus, everyone had a lot of fun bidding, AND we raised more money than ever before as a result. It eliminated the check in lines at the start of the event as well, which has always been a big challenge for our event, and saved our small staff a lot of time on the back end as the check out process was automated and we didn’t need to chase down winners for their payment. The SCA team is also a pleasure to work with, very attentive, responsive and timely with reports and answers to our (many) questions. Looking forward to doing this again in 2020!

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