Your charity fundraising auction event may make the largest percentage of its proceeds from the live auction and fund a need segment, (also known as the direct appeal portion of the event). This most important section of your benefit fundraiser should never be left in the hands of an inexperienced person. Our experienced benefit auctioneers can lead your event either at your venue, streaming online through our real time simulcast module, or both for that matter, where onsite and online bidders can participate concurrently.

Although a radio, or TV personality is generally an outgoing person, charity fundraising auctioneering is a specialized skill that takes years to develop and master. Experience as a benefit fundraising auctioneer is what counts in getting the best possible results for a non-profit organization. A professional auctioneer who is experienced in charity fundraising live auctions will always bring the best results.

The live auction is often when the most valuable auction items of the event are sold. Professional benefit auction specialists often furnish trained and experienced bid spotters to help cover the room and generate excitement during bidding volleys between attendees. Bid spotters often interact with attendees encouraging them to bid during the live auction fundraiser.

We understand that it’s all about obtaining the highest bids AND engaging the audience. Our auctioneers are the best in the industry, all seasoned professional bid callers with extensive auction experience. They entertain, as well as inform the audience keeping everything running smoothly. Our auctioneers are always tasteful and courteous.

Understanding when to push for higher bids and knowing when there is no more money in the room are critical skills for a professional charity auctioneer. Having playful banter with attendees during the live auction, without making an attendee uncomfortable is an important skill of professional charity auctioneers

During the “fund a need,” or “direct appeal,” your charity auctioneer will professionally and skillfully solicit donations from your attendees, while conveying those donations to administrative staff members who record the information the charity auctioneer is relaying. Clear, concise and passionate communications combined with an understanding of audiences in an auction setting is what sets a professional charity auction bid caller apart from an amateur. An experienced professional charity auctioneer will always bring the best possible results for your event.

An experienced charity auctioneer can also serve as an Emcee during the event for various microphone duties, making announcements throughout the silent and live auction promoting your charity auction event. Our Charity auctioneers stay aware and keep track of important components in your timetable, making sure that the crowd is ready at the major moments of your event.

The goals of your auction are of course to raise money as well as create an enjoyable experience for the audience. SCA helps you achieve these goals. Our mobile platform helps to manage the live auction clerking process, making it all so much easier than before reporting to winners on their smartphone of their purchases in real time. With our assistance, you’ll have a fun, exciting and profitable auction.