No more annoying lines.

Eliminate the stress of waiting in a line checking in or cashing out saving your time! Our mobile device platform allows easy check in and check out on any smart phone.

Self check in can be accomplished easily in 90 seconds in a few different ways. (1) Link to the unique landing page furnished with every client event, (2) text the event unique keyword to 56651, (3) scan the QR code displayed at the venue, or (4) click on the text link sent to your smartphone by our staff then verify your ID and bam, done! If you need a little help, no problem there is always staff available to guide you if needed, just ask!

Event attendees can socialize with their peers while always being aware of their winning positions without approaching the the item table.  Consider the possibilities of being online—reaching more participants, on and off site if you desire, making your event even more profitable!

When it’s time to head home pull out your smartphone, press the red “pay” button and simply settle your account. It’s all at your fingertips! Of course our trained staff members are always nearby to offer assistance to process any function entirely if so desired. Cash and check transactions can be completed easily with staff assistance within a few moments.

Not only is our system most convenient, as professional staff is always on-hand, assisting in registration areas, recording winning bids and supporting the checkout process, our cloud based mobile bidding platform makes the whole process more fun—from seamless event registration to processing payments and more. From start to finish, everything runs like clockwork.

Best of all, being that our platform is cloud driven, meaning no app store, no downloads. Just click on a link and go! Ask us for a demo.