As we return to the brick and mortar banquet hall venues to participate in events and network in person once again, the technology shift caused by the pandemic has proven to us that remote attendance is a great way to increase your participant base. Technologies now allow us to invite guests to attend our events virtually and have eliminated the geographical barriers that may have discouraged supporters in the past to commute to our onsite events in the past can now attend from the convenience of their homes in a real-time broadcast, AKA Livestream. They will see and hear everything that the onsite “in-person” attendees experience, all presentations, all guest speakers, the Emcee, guest celebrities even views of the onsite audience if you so desire.

When it comes the time that your organization appeals to the remote donor attendees to engage to support your cause, buttons will appear upon their devices to do so in real-time in conjunction with the onsite attendees. Remote supporter’s interactions whether they be donation pledges or live simulcast auction bids will be identified and recognized in milliseconds through a monitor viewed by the Emcee or auctioneer and they will acknowledge these supporters’ actions as they occur.

Sure, there is some effort to provide this, yet we are well experienced and can make it all happen. A hybrid onsite, online fundraising event increases your donor attendance. Our experienced broadcast staff will make the “online – onsite” experience exciting and fun featuring multiple camera angles live streaming, prerecorded video, and remote live guest speakers all being served up to the internet attendees and rebroadcasted to the onsite, “in-person” attendees at the live venue.  It’s simple really, adding remote virtual attendees to your live onsite event will boost your fundraiser revenues. To see our platform in action, ask for a demo.  For more details on how our technology works, please visit our technology page.