When it comes to options, we’ve got you covered!

Some organizations refrain from silent auctions because they don’t have the resources to manage all the details. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry. Your silent auction will be easier than ever with our state of the art software. We can program our platform to suit what is most important to your organization’s goals.

Paperless silent auction mobile bidding option.

  • Attendees can bid in real time or “set it and forget it” on their mobile devices OR
  • Attendees can administer bids through any SCA staff member.
  • Outbid notices are sent to attendees on their mobile devices.
  • Attendees are always aware of their winning positions in real time.
  • Attendees can easily add a cash donation and check out at will upon their mobile device.
  • Paperless silent mobile bidding auctions can occur at a venue or virtually totally online.

Paper silent auction option.

  • Attendees can bid traditionally on paper bid sheets.
  • Paper winning bidder reports will be circulated to the attendee tables.

Paper / Paperless silent auction hybrid option.

  • Attendees can bid traditionally on paper bid sheets.
  • Paper winning bidder reports will be circulated to the attendee tables.
  • Attendees can optionally view their winning totals upon their mobile device by simply clicking a message link sent by our staff.
  • Attendees may add a cash donation upon their device if so desired.
  • Attendees can easily check out on their mobile device if they desire to avoid the traditional checkout line.

Paperless Fundraising Raffle “Ticket” Option

Nonprofit charitable organizations events often contemplate silent auction raffles as another method of increasing event proceeds. Raffles can be fun and effective, however many times they are omitted due to the cumbersome process of the actual selling and distributing paper tickets and then once again summoning the audience’s attention while the winners are drawn by hand and awarded in yet another segment of amplified public address announcements.

What about a ticket-less approach? Fundraising raffle ticket chances can be offered by staff or volunteers on a tablet OR attendees can purchase raffle chances at will on their phone when programmed by SCA.

Be it a 50-50 raffle, a vacation raffle or any other raffle idea, with our mobile bidding platform, the computer selects the winners and notify those attendees right on their phones! The event agenda will specify the time of the drawings, and our professional staff may offer emcee services to announce that the winners can be identified by simply checking their smart phone. It’s easy, fun and no longer a distraction. Ask SCA how mobile bidding digital silent auction raffle “tickets” may be a benefit to your next event. (All raffles subject to state law regulations). Strategic Charity Auctions provides online and onsite silent auctions services in NH, MA, RI and Florida.

Forget the silent auctions of the past. Our state-of-the-art mobile bidding platform enables you to coordinate all aspects of your event, whether you’re auctioning off several items or just a few high-end items. We’ll help manage any size silent auction that your event calls for. We will customize our platform exclusively to suit our clients’ desires for each event. We are charity auctioneers and silent auction specialists. Contact us to discuss your event.