Welcome to Strategic Charity Auctions’ video link page.  We invite you to browse the following videos that illustrate our online broadcasting fundraising services. We offer our services “a la carte” blending as much or as little technology as our clients require to host and produce online only, onsite only or online / onsite fundraisers. 

We support nonprofit charitable organizations as well as political entities.  We produce telethon modeled fundraisers,  (AKA internet “webathons,”) mobile bidding online “silent auctions,” virtual live “paddle raises,” (cash donation appeals) and simulcast streaming broadcast live auctions either individually or in any combination thereof. 

All Services Compilation

Our online event services feature components such as an event warm opening, mobile bidding, live remote guest speakers, award presentation, virtual paddle raise cash donation appeal and a virtual live simulcast auction. All online virtual event segments are accessed from a single login. 3:39

Virtual Online Event

Another exciting online virtual event example of how your organization’s fundraiser may be presented to an internet audience. 1:43

Virtual Paddle Raise

“Cash Donation Appeal” A telethon styled live broadcast appeal for supporters to make cash pledges in real time. The organization’s executive director acted as the remote emcee in this instance. 4:15

Simulcast Live Auction

A live auction occurring in a real time being broadcast on the internet involving streaming video and online bidders. This is a great example of a virtual live auction. 3:01

Awards and Recognitions

A detailed illustration of the presentation of awards and the recognition of champions delivered by remote guest speakers.5:30