Strategic Charity Auction’s founders and principals are career auctioneers offering a full range of professional Auction Services, we offer high tech solutions that will take your next event to a higher level. We can support and assist in the administration of a streaming simulcast Live Auction, (also known as “Virtual Live Gala)” that attendees can participate from anywhere there is an internet connection featuring Live Professional Charity Auctioneers, a silent auction, a virtual paddle raise or any combination of the above all online. Watch our 2 minute video.

Virtual Live Galas / Online Charity Auctions 

A Virtual Gala offers the same components as a traditional gala at a venue except that it occurs all online in real time. Attendees are invited to join the event by the charitable organizations usual promotion methods, i.e. email or US mail invitations, announcements posted on your charity’s website etc. Strategic Charity Auctions provides an event homepage also known as “The Virtual Venue”  specific to the charitable organization’s event for event registration, “how to” videos or any other information sought. This is the central point of event information and the “go to” page for the Virtual Gala. Event information updates prior to and during the event can be mass messaged by SCA staff via text messaging and email as well.

Strategic Charity Auctions has Live Broadcast Technology to simulcast Professional Live Auctioneers and/or an Emcee and guest speakers with the ability to cut to pre-recorded videos and different live feeds all streaming on one website URL without requiring viewing attendees to navigate to a different platform and utilize multiple logins.  Our primary cloud driven auction platform and live feed are proprietary and feature a real auction bid applet with record locking technology to accept bids in 200 milliseconds and never resolves a tie bid. The Virtual “Paddle Raise” A.K.A Fund-A Need or cash donation appeal has its own applet where the donor selects the level of donation or specifies a custom amount. Our chat feature is available to answer any question but never to negotiate bids or donations. Online attendees will always be aware of their position at all times. There are many different viewing options available. Online attendees can view and participate on only one device or enjoy a more robust experience if they wish to watch the live stream on a PC while bidding on their phone, or they can watch on a second monitor or browser while bidding on a pc. We even have a live stream URL available to be viewed on a smart TV while bidding can occur on any other device, it’s all about choices. Sound like fun? It is!

Strategic Charity Auctions can include nearly every component typical of a Live Gala into an online Virtual Live Gala including; the Silent Online Auction, the Live Auction, the Cash Donation Fund-A-Need appeal or your charity can opt to present only certain components while omitting others, once again it’s your choice! Let SCA produce and host your Virtual Gala. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your unique needs.  Contact us to learn more about Virtual Live Galas. Visit our blog for related articles.